python script for raytracing problem

i downloaded the pythonscript to export my blenderanim to renderman. copied the scripts as told to blender and pressd alt-p as the additional help file told me to do.
and nothing happend … mhm.
i tried this with blender creator 2.23


Look at the terminal window to see what error messages you’re getting from blender/python. In windows a dos box/terminal opens when you start blender, blender prints error messages there. On linux/unix systems you have to start blender from terminal window command line to see the error messages.
A couple of questions: Do you have python installed? Do you have the python path set in blender?


  1. python ist installed
  2. i set the path typing “import sys” + “print sys.path” and then the path appeared in dos shell
  3. then i executed with alt-p and it workd, but the rendered pict is black but in blender i can see it rendering with F12.
    another blend file i tried i got following script errors:
    traceback (most recent call last):
    file “”, line 57, in ?
    file “”, line 14, in writeCamera
    AttributeError: ‘none’ object has no attribute ‘lens’

many questions :slight_smile:

Ok you imported sys then it worked. Did you set the path to python in Blender, in the top header, right above the AutoTempSave button? You can see it render with f-12, is that the render that is black, or when you save it? It seems the most common cause of a black render is not having a light on the scene.

Where do I get the Render Man Python Script???

Nate Nesler