Python script request.

I have just started working on a new game. And I need someone to translate a part of the game logics into a python script. More info is in the text in the game =]

Thx a lot already! =D

To download the game click HERE

On the site, wait a min and click there:

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I’ll clean up this thread so it looks better.

Edit: not all computers have numpad keys.

Thx, I will. But don’t have a lot of time so maybe it’s gonna take a while :stuck_out_tongue:
In the mean time, if someone want to make it, thx a lot =]

Here it is…
You have to change the numbers at the end for changing the combination, can be as long/short as you want.


fireb.blend (279 KB)

Thx a lot man! =D
there’s only one bug. If you press te numbers to fast, they are written dubble.
I can use: If own.bend2==“1234” or own.bend2==“11223344” but if you press the first 3 fast and the last one slow, you get 1122334.

I figured out that he bubbles a numbert when you hold the other one,
so if I hold 1, and press 2 and realese 2, it sais 121 o.0