Python script to copy a list of files

This is not exactly a Blender issue, but I would like to make a simple Python Script to copy files from one folder to another, based on a text list
(one line per file: e.g
Lets say that the root folder where all the files are located is the same as the .blend file from which the script is run, and the destination file is a subfolder /destination …
I have a HUGE amount of files to copy and really need a way to do it automatically!
Thanks a lot for your help!


What’s the ultimate purpose? Backup? Sharing?

There are programs that auto-magically copy files to another location, and for sharing you may use Dropbox or similar.

Would your python script run inside Blender, or externally?

The purpose of this is to get rid of the excel macros that we actually use for this, and of course do not run on all our machines (Mac…). We dress-up lists of files inside Excel (or any other application, like OO Calc…), and would like to batch process lists of files.
Python script seems to me a good candidate for this, and I have already used Blender as an interface to run such scripts… but it could be run externally as well.
So nothing to do with Dropbox or equiv, that we already use. This is just to simplify and automate file copy from one location to another, based on a list of files (txt or csv, or any other format… XML?)
Thanks for your help!