Python script trouble.

Hi, im somewhat new to blender. and ive recently been trying to download scripts and install them into blender. which i am oblivious on how to do this. ive tried installed a “tree generator” called gen 3, or something of the sort… and that seemed to work, the read me of the file on gen 3 had specific instructions on installation, the others dont. if anyone could help me with this. there would be many thanks.

Just pu them into the “scripts” folder in you Blender directory. (if you run Windows that is)
On my computer, this is :
D:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts
You 'll then be able to call them in a “script” window in Blender

Or open them in Blender
as text in a text window and “execute” the code with Alt-P

If you are on Linux stick them in


Hope this helps.

no, im not in linux :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks anyways

thanks for your help, going to try it now… question though. gen 3 is in the misc tab in the scripts button, will all of the scripts i download be in the misc tab?

hmm. that didnt seem to work. after extracting the zip file into the scripts folder. then starting up blender. i opened up the scripts menu, i didnt find the script i extracted.

Well, that may be because they don’t include registration info in the first 9 or so lines

  • i.e They were never intended to appear in the menus. If this is the case, you’ll need to open them in the Text Editor window and run them from there.

This registration information looks a little something like this:


“”" Registration info for Blender menus
Name: ‘Ogive Rocket Nose’
Blender: 240
Group: ‘AddMesh’
Tip: ‘Creates rocket nose cone that takes the Ogive shape’

You can add this information to scripts to have them appear in menus, though that’s not something I’ll go into here. It’s been explained enough already.