Python Scripting: Enable Physics on a Object after collision has been detected?

I’m new to Python scripting in the Blender Game Engine, once I made some dynamic lights which you could switch on and off.

But here is my next question:
How to make physics be enabled on an object after a collision?

Like when your bomb blows up a tower.

To suspend and restore physics : suspendDynamics() , restoreDynamics() . It’s a method of a Game Object( owner ).
Now to detect the bomb I thing the near sensor is the solution.

hmmm… I think I did something wrong

 import GameLogic


The restore script is the same only suspend is restore.

Doesn’t it work? The one function is GameLogic.getCurrentController(). You had the “Get” capitalized, don’t know if you did that in your code or not. Other than that it looks all right. Some functions may not be working because of switching to Bullet physics.