python scripting file format

write the script with your word pad, right?
Save it as text file? what’s the file extension?
Does this look right to you?

Any leads?

You can use any extension if you’re just running the script inside blender. You can just write it in Blenders internal text editor rather than wordpad / notepad etc.

But you might want to use .py instead of .txt, since .py is the “python” standard extension.



As long as it’s plain text, the extension is just there to help you remember what the content and format is.


Got it.

Thank you guys.
This really speed up my learning.
So much to learn, you know.

I like Textpad, you can dl a file that gives syntax highlighting for Python, and many other scripting/coding languages like C++, shareware at

Python files often use a .py extension, but that’s optional

It is possible to use external editor to edit scritps? I hate that primitive text editor…
Maybe we need a “auto load” function, so when I start my script, Blender loads it automatic.

I always use an external, expecially because Italian Keyboard cannot do [,] and # in Blender!

The default extension is ‘.py’

The ‘AutoLoad’ or ‘Refresh’ button is a feature I requested Sunday :slight_smile:


There’s already a refresh command: Ctrl-Alt-R which reopens the external file.