Python scripting question

Hi there!!!

This is my first post… I’m loving Blender…

I was making a simple script where, given a .txt with the several parameters of a Texture, the script could make the Texture in Blender (without me having to make the Texture all over again in a new project). Whoever, there are things that I don’t find in the API documentation. Is there any reason (besides my ignorance) for that fact?

For instance, let ma be an object, let k be:

from Blender import Texture as T

k = T.New("test")


And now I want to change the sliders of the ColorBand, (position and color), add new, and so one, but I’m not finding in the API what is the sintax for it. (The same when I want to change the noisesize, noiseDepth, Brightness and Contrast, and so forth.

Can anyone give me some hints how or when I can find this?