Python scripting support?

Hi there! I’m architecture student and for the moment interested in parametric an algorithmic architecture projects.
Why tell you this? Well first… my first thread here, presentation and stuff. print(“Hello World”)
On the other hand, and that should be of interest to you guys, I am a teacher assistant to a sixth semester architecture class, an we just decided to include Blender and Python scripting in the architectural design process. So 20 people are going to have to learn python basics and script parametric functions with blender api and render or export the results from blender.
I am not really a programmer, I learned python basics a few days ago, trying to teach the others how to get started.
My real question here, for those who didn’t quit reading:
Is there a Blender API Support Forum? (As there is no such subject on this forum)

For those interested: We got our Forum (in french, but mostly everybody would understand english), and supporting any OpenSource approach to everything, we do the same in architecture. So if there is anybody interested in Valérie Châtelet’s (yes the teacher) experiment on the ESA Paris feel free to pass by!

You can freely ask your questions, in good french, on : Zoo-blender
This address can be found in the scripts :
released with Blender.

Thanks a lot, did a post there. Sorry for the mess in the first post there. Not used to the basic text communication for allways hanging on fancy php forums.
I’ll try to do better!

Hi there,
is there probably a similar forum in English? I’m looking for the same as Tasty, but my French is quite - oeh, not available or very poor :frowning: