Python scripts directory

Hello, I have Windows Blender Portable :yes: on USB from and I want to set “Python Scripts” File Path. But drive letter of my USB is changing and I can’t set path like “H:\PortableApps\BlenderPortable\App\Blender.blender\scripts”. I tried to set relative path (".blender\scripts"), but it not work. What path I should set, or what I should do? Please help me, I am only newbie :frowning: .

relative paths should be like this, I guess:
add more …\ to reach the desired level.

Hello, I don’t understand this. Can you please explain it easily and add some example? What folder is base (root) of relative paths? Startup directory of Blender? My USB drive root? I am using Windows.

Well, after your example this should work, I hope…

Sorry, this not worked:(. I don’t know what I have to do. Can you please help me anyone?

Well, I don’t use windows…probably it’s not the same method?
Anyway, here you’ve the official docs for “File Paths” ( at the bottom), maybe helpful:

Is there anyone who can advise me? :frowning: Please help.