python scripts for blender ubuntu

I Just started using Gutsy Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit, so I dont know much about it.
Since it automatically installed blender, I dont even know where to…what do I do with python scripts which I want to add to blender ?? By the way I do have Python installed if that helps any. If anyone could help me with this I would appreciate it, thank you. Actually I need to know what directory that ubuntu put the programs so that I can put the python script into it.

By default scripts are located in Blender/.blender/scripts. You can move this folder, but make sure to tell Blender where it is in the File Paths area of the User Preferences. I believe, though, that on Linux the .blender folder is hidden, and since I don’t have Linux, I don’t know what that entails.

Easy. A folder/file is hidden in Linux by having the . in front of it. So, .blender is hidden. All you have to do is ensure you can view hidden files/folders, and then you can easily see that the .blender folder is located in your home directory, /home/username/ by defualt. So, it would be /home/username/.blender with username replaced with your account name.

Thank you Tynach, that worked, I was able to install scripts into the script dir of blender, however when I tried to copy stuff into the pymodules folder ubuntu wouldnt let me, do you have any Idea why ??

Permissions. On Fedora right now, looking at the folder “bpymodules”, there is a lock on the icon. You can either unlock that file completely by running “sudo chmod 777 .blender/scripts/bpymodules” or just use sudo to move a file when you want, and keep it locked. Your choice.

Type “gksudo nautilus” into the console, and then you can. Note it will open a new file browser window, and you MUST use that new one for the file transfer.