Python scripts for character animation/modeling


As some of you know, I’m in the middle of writing a book on character animation in Blender for Sybex. One of the chapters I intend to include will be a very basic guide to running python scripts along with descriptions of some python scripts pertinent to character modeling and animation.

I’m getting close to that chapter, so now it’s time for me to start deciding what scripts to include there. I will of course give an overview of a lot of the installed scripts for handling verts and bones, etc. But I would also appreciate any pointers to recommended scripts.

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I assume the scripts you want to include are short simple well commented examples?

Read through this script, spell checked the comments just for you :wink:

Have you also replaced the script by Jonas Petersen ?
This script just needed to be corrected not to be “replaced”.


Thanks for the replies.


Thanks very much! That looks like a nice script. If I understand it, it takes an approximately mirrored armature and tweaks it into shape to make it perfectly symmetrical. When would this mostly be used? I usually create armatures in mirror mode, so my armatures always tend to be symmetrical from the beginning. Are there some cases (automatically generated armatures of some kind, maybe…) where you would likely have nearly but not perfectly symmetrical armatures?


I’m not aware of the script you’re talking about. Please post a link. Thanks!


yep, its a locational based symetry.
Hah. I havnt used the X-Axis Mirror before in armature mode.
perhaps this script isnt needed at all.
if you import a BVH and want to mirror the data- or make sure the armature is exactly mirrored- this would be useful.

JMS. yep, I rewrote the script, lets discuss this on the ML.

if you import a BVH

Thanks. I thought that might be a situation that it would be useful in.

what other examples of scripts might you be interested in?
Especialy on the mesh side.

bone mirror may be too heave in a doc. so if you want I could write up some examples.
Maybe things like mirrorine pose locations but flipping the Y (walk cycles) - though maybe sombodys alredy done that.