Python scripts in blender 2.34 on mac os10.3.5

have mac os10.3.5 and blender 2.34. allso have every python script I can find but have no idea how to, or where to, install them. one info says full python is preinstalled on os10.3. another says r click on app/show package/place py docs in mac folder. I found the folder but are they placed loose, is there a file path to set? is this info correct.WHICH info is correct?
Thanks much for any assistance!

generally speaking:

for lot’s of scripts, you will need the full python installed. apart from that, the python path must be set (so that programs calling python know where to find it - check out the python forum here)

running python scripts in blender is easy: change any view to a text-window (shift+F11) and load a script (see window-menus for that), then hit ALT+P for executing it.

there is also the scripts window (no shortcut available, simply click on the window-type-menu in any window-header). which enables you to run all built-in scripts.

It’s a bit different on Os X 10.3.

Python 2.3 is already part of the system so nothing to install. (on 10.2 you need to install python via fink)

For the python path and script location, 3 solutions :

  • install additionall scripts in the blender app bundle (in the Contents/MacOS/.blender/scripts folder of the bundle). note that as .blender is an hidden dir, you will either need to use the terminal or set the finder to show invisibles files. In this case the python scripts path in the prefs must not be set.

  • install scripts where you want, and set the python scripts path. You will want to copy the default scripts in that location too, as if python scripts path is set, blender won’t search anymore in the default place

  • scripts which are made of only one .py file can be run from any place by loading them in text editor and hitting alt-p on it

Thanks for the input on this problem. After dilligent searching I located the mac folder: blender app/show package contents/contents/ mac/. The folder contains one item, an ikon for what appears to by the blender app. I see no other folders, nor do I anywhere find a folder with the bundled python scripts that came with blender.

I am on mac os 10.3.5 and cannot understand where to put python scripts I have so they so they are accessable and compatable with the rest of the scripts as I was advised not to set the python path to a folder as it would confuse blenders original search path.

I do not know if I should create a scripts folder and place it in the app/mac folder or do something else, also, should scripts be placed loose in the scripts folder or in the folders I downloaded them in from the blender sites?

I’ve given you the solution both in private message and here. The folder is HIDEN. that’s so normal you don’t see it, but it is here. Every folder having a ‘.’ as first char is not visible, but we must keep the name as it is for the time being.

there is numerous way of finding this folder :

  • use the terminal
  • set finder default to show invisibles
  • use the TinkerTool utility, it’s free and very useful
  • many others…

I advise you to download TinkerTool which is very useful.

I’ve given you the solution both in private message and here. The folder is HIDEN. that’s so normal you don’t see it, but it is here. Every folder having a ‘.’ as first char is not visible, but we must keep the name as it is for the time being.[/quote]

Aha, so that’s what happened to the folder. I was trying to find it to fix a problem in the OBJ export script. The problem doesn’t seem to be there any more. I think there’s a new script being used.

I use SNAX to navigate for invisible folders and things. Also, if you setup your Python directory in your user prefs and do ctrl-u to save the defaults, you can put scripts in there. Then all you do is at the beginning of a script do something like:

Name: ‘Extrude Along Normal’
Blender: 228
Group: ‘Misc’
Tooltip: ‘In FaceSelectMode (FKEY), extrude selected faces along their normal’
So that the scripts load into the scripts menu in the right place. Then if you have the scripts window, you can access scripts that way. I find it easier to do that for 3rd party scripts.

thank you lukep! It took me a while to get it figured out but your final suggestion about Tinkertool was the answer. Suddenly there are all sorts of files that weren/t there before, including, the .blender folder. So, now I know one thing more in the huge puzzle that is blender.

thanks again for your patient repetition of what, to you, must be obvious!

You can also just right-click (Ctrl click) on the Blender bundle and choose ‘Show Package Contents’. I mentioned this in an email to you before…

Yes that’s true, to show package contents. you can even find the resources mac folder but the file . blender is invisible. I tried everything and then with the suggestion to try tinkertool it was all revealed. Just click “show invisible files” in tinkertool and SHAZAM. there are invisible files everywhere especially the .blender file with the scripts folder exactly where lukep said they would be. In case you didn’t know. tinkertool is a free mac os10 app. available

Thanks to everyone for your input.