Python Scripts Where?

In 2.5x version, how do you access standard / default python scripts? Where is it?

You enable the scripts through the User Preferences / Addons panel.
With the default blender installer these are located:
Win7: C:/ Users / [username] / AppData / Roaming / Blender Foundation / Blender / 2.57 / scripts / addons
OSX: / app contents / Contents / MacOS / 2.57 / scripts / addons
Linux: haven’t got a clue
If you install without using the defaults this may be somewhere else.

Linux: [prefix]/blender/2.57/scripts/addons/
where [prefix] is wherever the blender directory is installed (such as /opt or /usr/local)

I’ve been trying to find out if a user can install addons in $HOME/.blender, but so far haven’t tried anything that works. The install button is useless in Linux without that ability…unless you run Blender as root for some reason, or install Blender in your home directory.

EDIT: Okay, it seems you can still specify a “scripts” directory wherever you want in User Preferences -> File.
I put a subdirectory called “addons” in that, and its contents showed up in the Add-Ons panel. It still doesn’t allow use of the Install Add-On button, but at least a regular user can still add extensions to a read-only Blender install.