Python Scripts

I am new to using scripts and I am having trouble placing the Gen3 script on my computer in the right place. I have a Mac, and I am unsure where to put the script so I can open it in the Blender script window.
Thanks, tell me if you need some clarification, as I worded this very poorly.


I had this problem last week but got it sorted. If you’ll find my thread in scripts and plugins ‘script error?’ and go to the second lads post it will tell you exactly what to do

Actuallly here it is

place the gt folder into Blender.blender\scripts\bpymodules
place the into Blender.blender\scripts
make trees hopefully, note that this script is quite complex & may run slow.

but then again that is for pc. Not sure about mac

In the Finder -> Go menu -> Go To Folder… (or press APPLE + SHIFT + G)
and type:

This takes you to the Blender scripts folder.
As you can see, in the path above you find a .blender folder (name starting with a dot, that means it’s invisible). The scripts folder is contained inside this invisible one. To reach the scripts folder easily in the future you may create an alias to the scripts folder (go up one level and drag the scripts folder to your Desktop while pressing OPTION + CTRL)

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