Python Syntax Question - inserting data from "string"

Forgive me for asking a beginner to Python, but how to correctly get data from properties?
there is
own.localPosition =
After the “=” , it is necessary to insert from the property own[“pos”], three digits separated by commas - 1, 1, 3
Thank you for attention.

own.localPosition = own["pos"].split(',')

should do it.

AttributeError: one or more of the items in the sequence was not a float

I found a solution:

pos = ([float(i) for i in own.get("pos", "1, 1, 1").split(", ")])
own.localPosition = pos

I thank Nicholas_A for the answer.

own.localPosition = [float(i) for i in own["pos"].split(',')]

This is an XY problem. We can solve the question you ask, but we know nothing of what you are trying to do.

Or simply try:

from ast import literal eval

# own["prop"] == "1.0, 2.0, 3.0" #

prop_processed = list( literal_eval( own["prop"] ) )

# prop_processed == [ 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 ] #

The ast.literal_eval can save your life when using strings-to-literal processing.

I tried to get the coordinates from the “pos” property for own.localPosition - everything is obvious.
The console gave an error, and I found a solution to this question.
I thank you for a more competent solution to this question - your code is more correct and easier.

solved in the answer #5

OK man, you’re a mega brain! I still have now found the use of your script, it’s called - I have seen :yes:. Just how add to this -" True"?
thanks for help.