python to play actions

okay i’ve been working on a game as a python learning project. right now i’m trying to get animations to play smoothly as my character does different things. due to needing a bit more controll i need to use python to play the different actions. however i’m running into some problems. i think i can fix these problems if i could use setPriority to change the priority of the different actions. however i can’t find how to do this in 2.58. the only documentation i can find is for 2.48.

The 2.58 documentation is at

In the new python, you can usually just set and get properties directly, e.g. actuator.priority.

thanks for that lakitu, however i figured just figured out how to setpriority. however that didn’t fully fix my problem. i’m finding that if you use the python way of activating an actuator, such as cont.activate(actuator), the action just keeps on playing. however deactivating the actuator tends to mess up the blending settings.

nvm, for some reason once i deleted all of the confusing code and pretty much redid a good portion of it, the animations work fine.