Python Trouble.

Hello Fellas,

Whenever I try to export to TrueSpace(.cob), I get a python error warning, and the file that’s created comes out to 0kb. Plus, when I export to 3DS Max 9, the file comes out ok, however the UV space is missing. ???Can anyone help???

Any more details?

which exporter, which version of blender, which version of python and what the error actually was would be helpful.

Hello IanC,

1: I only use the exporter under File in the main taskbar, I was unawre that there were more than one exporter. (I really should familiarize myself with my software better.)

2: Blender 2.45

3: Python 2.4, however when I look at the command prompt it states that no pythons were found.

(1) I’m not sure if there is another, but I didn’t fancy trawling through a load of irrelevant scripts :slight_smile:

(2) aha!

(3) You need python 2.5

Download 2.5 from

That may solve the problem. If it doesn’t, then please post the error message you are getting and we can work from there.