Python Tutorial - Awesome Password Protect

I felt like writing a tutorial… it was made to store social security data. Yes, it’s that secure!

bump… did anyone find it useful?

Well, fist off i have to say this belongs either in tutorial or in python&plugins, not off-topic
You should know by now.

You should familiarize yourself with coding standards, the layout is horrible, reading your source almost made my eyes bleed ^^

And i would store a shopping list this way maybe, but not social security data. The script is everything but secure or awesome. But its a start in python :slight_smile:

I really didn’t understand. I didn’t understand what this script should do.

"load a username and password incased in weird symbols and letters from either of a file or a web site "

Load a user name?

If you want to make a tutorial, you should make it clear, easy to read, and well explained.

And how do you know it is so safe? DO you have statistical data to prove it? Or some mathematical proof?

And what is “cracking the password?” Decode? decipher?