Python tutorial for Blender

Where I can find Python tutorial for blender? I tried Google, but nothing good:no:.

You’re not the first to ask this question. Just do a search for ‘tutorial’ in the python section of this forum and you’ll find a lot of threads.
Here’s a first tutorial that helps you start. And here’s the api.
Please note that python scripting will change quite a lot in Blender 2.5, so you might want to wait a bit. Of course some of the knowledge can be transferred, but you’ll have to decide for yourself what you want.

If you don’t know any python at all yet, you could also start by learning it first before you start scripting with it in Blender. Two free books on it are A Byte of Python and Dive into Python. The tutorial I linked to can be done without any prior knowledge of python though.

There are a couple of free pyhton e-books here:

Useful for beginners.


The Python web-site has a lot of tutorial material about “the language in-general,” and this is the proper place to start.

Once you understand how the language works, “the Blender API” is fairly straightforward. But that part will be far more familiar to you (except perhaps for the dialog-box bit, but many very useful scripts don’t even have one of those). The API is basically just a functional mapping of the world that you already know.

Python is a “cunningly designed” language, and I think that this is one of the major reasons why it was chosen for (also “cunningly designed!”) Blender.

There is now a dive into python 3.0 here

Crouch, thanks for the Dive Into Python link.

As for Blender Python tutorials, I have a few tutorials at my site.
Give them a try.
(Shameless plug, I know:D)