Python tutorials, in relation to the game engine?

I don’t need a link to simply a python tutorial, I need access to a python tutorial relative to the blender game engine. Needlesly to say, I could not find one. The python game reference documentation on blenders site is shallow at best and not well formated for a begginer like me, and they dont show an example script that does anything of significance in game (which is the way I like to learn)

Is there a game engine python tutorial that does a real good job of getting a begginer oriented with the basics, not just by going through the “documentation” but also through having the user make something happen in the game engine, through a python script.


The following site has a very good introduction into using Python in Blender. Don’t be put off by the first page (if you don’t sprechen die deutsch). Some of what they cover isn’t Game Engine stuff. But there is enough to make it worthwhile:

z3r0 d - Ok, do you have a tutorial showing how to properly use those techniques and api’s in game?

blane - From what I read, its only for rendering. I need tutorials on python relative to the game engine (game logic), not render sequences.

Thanks for trying though.


3 links at bottom of page

the game kit?



blane, has already mentioned those, they are not game engine specific (the guy who posted those 3 links even said so himself). I am looking for something that IS game engine specific.


That would be great, can you email it to me? Is it in .pdf form or something?

i only have it on paper , but i think there is a pdf somewhere too -
has info


How’s that? Doesn’t the book come with a cd that contains all the text? Why not just send me that file/s?

This is an older version of the GameKit I suspect. But much of it still seems relevant.

I’m sorry you didn’t find my earlier link helpful. I gained a lot of info from those tutorials that I regularly use with the Game Engine.

the cd is back at home in Finland, my little brother there actually has it. but it seemed that it is available as PDF from the eshop, as the printed version is out of print.


blane -

That’s not a version of the GameKit. That is (as it is clearly seen in the link text) The “Blender Game Reference” documentation. I need tutorials which show through examples, how to use all those (for the lack of knowledge ill call them) commands. Thank’s for trying at least.

antont -

Well, can your brother email it to me?

(like i said) i dont have it within reach, but can you just download it from the eshop site?


No, because it’s not free, and also because I am completely broke since my last red cent went to buying mandatory textbooks for this school semester. I have already bought the 2.3 guide but it wasn’t what I expected at all, and that took me down an additional $50. Yes I do have the money to buy it now, but with all the cash that I have spent on book’s lately (including the 2.3 guide), it just doesnt seem right.

You however are in a position to help me out. As far as I know they have computers in Finland, and your brother has the cd right? So why can’t he just email it to me??

ok. perhaps he can, i have not been in touch with him for a while. will rememer if/when am in talks but it may take a while.


Take a while? Doesn’t your brother have email? If you don’t want to email him yourself ill do it, just give me his adress. It’s just a matter of time that it takes for him to check his email and send back the files. The whole thing can be done in a day or so.