Python Tutorials MANY new ones!

There are A LOT of people on this forum who don’t know how to use python very well, or don’t know how to use it at all!

That’s why I am here for… I am not an EXPERMENT SUPER PRO at python, but I’m going to teach people what I know. I try to explain python in the best of ways that I can, but I’m still a kid, and I haven’t learned the right words yet :slight_smile:

So here is the youtube playlist that is WIP on python tutorials:
Python Tutorial Playlist

Now, there ONLY on python’s editor, so don’t freak out. First the basics, THEN blender :). Python is very important for blender games, so I decided to teach it on youtube :slight_smile:

Also, I will be making new python tutorials every 2-3 days (most likely every 2 days). If you don’t believe me, subscribe to me and find out :slight_smile:

Ok, so here are the python tutorials so far if you don’t feel like clicking the link above:

Python Tutorial 1: Installation and print
I talk about installing python and the print function.

Python Tutorial 2: Numbers
I talk about numbers and operations in python.

Python Tutorial 3: Variables
I talk about how to use variables, and what they are useful for.

Python Tutorial 4: Functions and Modules
I talk about how to use functions and how to get functions from modules and use them

Python Tutorial 5: String
I talk about strings and how to work them.

Python Tutorial 6: Lists
I talk about lists, how to access them, how to make them, ect.

Python Tutorial 7: More on Lists
I talk about some useful list functions.

Python Tutorial 8: Dictionarys
Talk about dictionaries, it’s like lists, but it may be used in different cases, and it may be easier at times!

Python Tutorial 9: Sequence Slicing
How to cut up sequences, from range to range… Very helpful for computer responding programs!

Python Tutorial 10: Inputs
How to let the user of the program give a variable in your program.
Python Tutorial 11: Saving your work and Running Scripts
Exactly what the title says
Python Tutorial 12: Intro into Decisions
Basically if, else, elif statements in python

Python Tutorial 13: More on Decisions
Same as 12, but added more stuff…

Python Tutorial 14: Intro into Loops
While loops mostly…
Python Tutorial 15: Making a Calculator (1/3)
Simple assignment using mostly everything we learned!

Python Tutorial 15: Making a Calculator (2/3)
Previous tutorial continued
Python Tutorial 15: Making a Calculator (3/3)
Previous tutorial continued
Python Tutorial 16: More on loops (1/2)
The for statement finally!
Python Tutorial 16: More on loops (2/2)
Previous tutorial continued

Python Tutorial 17: Writing (1/2)
How to write in files!

Python Tutorial 17: Writing (2/2)
Previous tutorial continued

Python Tutorial 18: Reading Text Files
How to read the files you wrote

Some links:

Another seris of tutorials:

This is by thenewboston

And another:
By Bucky

Please remember I’m not trying to make you guys experts with python, I just want you guys to know the basics so you can teach yourself, instead of having to re-watch my videos or steal someone’s code. Trust me once you learn the basics of python, you won’t need me anymore and you should be able to do your own scripts and learn yourself…

There are many important stuff I have left out in the previous python tutorials, like how to make your own functions and classes, but I think you guys can do that on your own :slight_smile:

Hope this helps everybody!

Sounds pretty cool. I’m somewhat good at python, but will watch them anyway.

Its fun that you made video for the more visual learning person like me :). I already learned the basics, but revision is always good.


a = raw_input('speach rate ?')
if a == 'faster'
    print 'that would be much better: the video would be shorter and more dense.'
elif a == 'slow'
    print 'that kinda get boring to listen to :/'
    print 'what ???'

Yea… -a series on the entire language (well, most of it) -enjoy :slight_smile:


A good thread.

I would like to add a few pyhton related links:

Dive into python:

A Byte of Python:

I would like to underline, it’s worth to read and practice one or both tutorials very patiently. Those will give to you a base.

Non BGE related python links


With EasyGui you can make a simple Graphical User Interface, GUI, to your pyhton code.


With py2exe you can create a .exe file from your python code, which is running in console or in GUI.

Hey linkxgl, where would I post if I have question about your tutorials ???

@Rewii93: You can PM me here, post here, comment on the video, or PM on youtube… Your choice.
And thanks for the crit, I don’t go faster for a long time… You see, I already made like 3 tutorials ahead of time, which I haven’t uploaded it yet… But at some point, you’ll see me going faster :slight_smile:

@XJazz: Great! I’ll add that to my first post, Thank you!

@D_structorr: That’s really cool :slight_smile: But I’d like to teach python also, there’s room for more teachers right? I’ll also add that link to the first post :wink:

Anyways, tomorrow I’m releasing the next and I hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

Nice tuts, but somehow it is redundant
take a look here

So maybe it is wise to start from blender directly

Well well well…

So, that’s how that darn object oriented python stuff is working. I finally get the very basics.

Good link, Nikolay. Thanks.

It’s better for the python noobs to get a very first steps in pure python.

Once the basic level python coding works, it’s time for the Blender/BGE API jungle.

Hello, justa bump for the new tutorial release, and as I said, it’s released every other state.

So here’s the link:

cool link Nikolay! I’ll add it to the first post :slight_smile:

Bump for 2 new tutorial releases, sorry they are late, but I’ve been busy.

The new links are in the first post…

I added, python tutorial on functions and modules and one on strings.

The next one is in 2 days, and it’s about lists.

The next one after lists, is dictionaries :slight_smile:

Enjoy and hope they help all the beginners out there :slight_smile:

New python tutorial, it may be still processing, depending on when you look at this, but it’s about lists and the next will ACTUALLY be more on lists on dictionaries, maybe after the next one.

Here’s the link:

It’s cool that you’re posting tutorials for beginers… like me. I can use every bit I can get a hold of. lol.

Hey yeah, no problem remember to subscribe, I’m kind of in a subsribing race with some friends at school and I also release a python tutorial every 2 days. :slight_smile:
Here’s a link to subs XD:
Subscribe! :smiley:

Woah! Cool! Thanks!

Thank you very much for this! Just beginning the learning process of implementing python (not to mention learning it, haha) into my game development, as I realize how important it will be for sophisticated game play elements. Will definitely subscribe to your channel, and gl with the contest! :~)

Thank you! I really appriciate it :slight_smile:

I’m sorry it took a long time to release this but… I made a new tutorial… With all the things going on, school, contest, life, ect. I haven’t had much time… But I made this new one here! :smiley: Hope it helps a bit more on the knowledge of lists!

Here’s the link:
More on Lists

You should add some stuff on string functions. For example:

a = raw_input("What would you like to do? ") ## Also note that in Python 3.0 raw_input is deprecated, use input()

if a.lower() == 'eat': # lower() turns all the letters in a string into lower case. Which makes it easier to code things.

That’s pretty cool sunjay, but maybe in a later tutorial… and god… I am the laziest person around lol… Wow… I uploaded the dictionaries tutorial like a week ago? I just forgot to post it, I have so many things to do! I’ll try to get another tutorial out by tomorrow…

Here is the lesson:

it talks about dictionaries… Enjoy!

New video:
Python Tutorial 9: Sequence Slicing

This teaches you how basically… Slice up sequences… So anything like lists or strings… Very useful for getting a range of variables or letters.

The next tutorial or lesson, whatever you call it, is uploading right now, it’s going to be on inputs, I’ll update the first post ASAP once it’s uploaded…

The inputs tutorial basically teaches you how to let your program user enter their own variables… Very useful when you get into more complicated stuff…

All these tutorials btw, are in python 3.1! The latest version, so they will work in… Blender 2.5!

Good luck with your learnings of python everyone, and I’ll update this thread to keep you updated on these tutorials.