Python UI Questions

Hi all,
I am wanting to create a small UI in Blender that does not require a custom window for once,
And I would like the ability to have an image button with a right click menu, is this possible in Blender?
ie: A button that is 32x32 with an image that when left clicked executes a function and when right clicked brings up a menu to execute other functions.

Thank you for any assistance

I think the general ethos of Blender Python UI is that nothing should have too much non standard behaviour (Even if you really really think that non standard behaviour is totally gold). At some point Ideasman42 had a patch version of Blender which let users define custom UI elements in BGL. See Video PyButtons, though this seems to have been shot down from on high or maybe put on hold.

The only other available option (I think) are drawing a modal openGL dialog, which would let you load a texture but you’d have to handle clicks etc.

One could draw openGL onto panels…but it’s so messy I have yet to see it done nicely.

Ah I thought that might be the case, no worries though I can just do this with Qt
Thank you