python UI ,+ some questions

Hi, I’m kinda new to blender python (not to python itself)

wanted to know how to make a link box button (like parent buttons which see the whole object manager,or search by name buttons)

from online tutorials I’ve found something like this

…some class
def (self,context):
layout = self.layout
col = layout.column()
col.operator(…) # and so on

now what I want is to know where to get other methods of the column/row interface (online doc seems complicated)

another question:
If i use external modules (like Numpy,to make it work I deleted blender python and relied on system python) , how to make the code run for others?

column, row, split, box etc in API docs:

Also checkout the python templates in Blender’s text editor, like for panels, menus and operators.

link box button

??? :confused:

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
about what i mean with link box button : something like the particles object instance (when you choose an object from object manager to be the particle geometry shape)

1 more thing,how to make external modules work for others?

some built-in types you only need:

for custom sets, you rather need:

but there are some limitations, we can’t create ID properties with python. Means, you can use prop_search to let user select an object, but if he renames that object, the reference will break.

thanks a lot for this :slight_smile: