Python Urgent Gurus

hey does anyone know how to make a new catergory appear

You know when you press spacebar > than alot of categories appear such as, ADD,.EDIT,SELECT ,RENDERER etc etc

how can i add another category called MYSTUFF that will show up

i really need this please help python gurus ,do you know how?:eek:

To do this you need to modify the source. Take a look at toolbox_x(void) in toolbox.c.

There is no way to add a category there unless you code it so.

hey bebraw thnks for the reply but i have special request could you just compile a version for me it should be easy for you please

i just want you to include the categories for me please

id be greatfull if you could just do a quick compile ,of the exe

I don’t have Windows so my build probably wouldn’t be much of use for you.

If you really need it, it may be worth your while to take a look into it.

oh ok bebraw now i,ll have to install a bunch of stuff ,such as scons,mingw,tortoisesvn
it s going to take so much time i wish there was someone who could save me the trouble of having to download all this things downloading on dialup seems like forever

is anyone on windows out there who can be my savior?there must be someone right? who can compile for me.:eek: