python variable in debugger

is it possible to set a variable you have set using a python script as visible in the debugger? This would be like activating the D button under “ADD property” - only from within a script.

EDIT: nevermind, I got it.

Well tell us how you did it. For those of us that would like to know.

i guess either a print statement or set a property on an object to the variable and debugged that property if not enlighten us

ok, turns out it’s pretty simple.

if your object has a python script attached to it and there is a variable that you’d like to see in the debugger, do this:

ADD a property to the object and give it a name that corresponds to the variable. Let’s say your variable is objSpeed, and your property is “speed”. Choose the type of property and activate the “D”.

In the script, just add,
owner.speed = objSpeed