Python version for Blender 2.48a?

I’ve installed Blender 2.48a and the installer asked for Python version 2.5.2. However, at the Python site, the closest I can find is version 2.5.4. Version 2.5.2 is not listed. Is 2.5.4 Ok?

I don’t use Windows, so can’t say for sure, but apparently 2.5.2 for Windows was buggy and 2.5.4 replaced it, so you should be ok. If the console says it found Python you should be good to go.

However, if it says it found 2.5.2 you may need to tell it where 2.5.4 is.

organic, thanks. I installed 2.5.4 and Blender found it.

So, for others who may want to know: to install Blender 2.48a on a Windows XP system, although the installer will ask for Python 2.5.2, you can install 2.5.4 and Blender will find it.

As far as I know, you can use “the most-recent version you can find,” and you probably should. If you install Python (separately…) on your box, Blender will find and use it, and the resulting arrangement is preferable.