Python Versions

I’m getting started, in earnest, with Python, and I get the impression that Python was more-or-less overhauled in version 3.0. It also seems that Blender only works with version 2.5, or so.
How does this seeming overhaul complicate programming for Blender if you are accustomed to version 3.xx?

it depends on what version of blender. there are versions of blender for python 2.6 which contains a 2to3 script that will convert python 2.6 scripts that run without errors or warnings into python 3.X scrips. python is also alot more future compatible than backward compatible. just use the import function “from future import” . python 2.6 is actually closer to python 3.0 than 2,6 is to 2.5. things like print being changed from a statment into a function.

and you can compile blender for/with any version of python you want. if you want a different python version you can often find one at . they are mostly blender 2.5 testing builds but you can find older stable builds too useing python 2.5 to python 3.1 . if you want a python 3.X version of blender you can have one,

just beware that most scripts were writted for python 2.5, python 2.6 and greater are still very new. so if you are looking for pre written scripts you should go with python 2.5. if you are looking to write your own scripts by all means use what ever version of python you are best with. you can start building up the 3.X script library or even convert older script to 3.X.

awesome, 3! I didn’t know that existed! Thank you very much for that link! I want to get into animation with Blender eventually, so the retro thing isn’t an issue.