python warnings

Ok,I’m sorry but I can not find anything about this warnings in python:
warning: scene xxx does not exist, not removed!
warning: scene xxx already exists, not added!

Can someone tell me…what to do to remove them. I’m adding scenes while the game is runnig …and when the triggers for the scene were activated…the console prints this message…but everything works fine. And ofcourse after that I remove scene…but still this messages shows in the console. Any help will be appreciated.

I think that happens when you have an overlay scene with and always sensor (with pulse mode on). Since it puts the overlay scene over once, the rest of the time, the other pulses are being ignored (I think…). I don’t think it causes any problems, though (That warning happens to me all the time).
Hope that all that made sense…


Turin is mostly correct. Those warnings (or rather, the problem that is causing them) will create a minor drag on your framerate (maybe 1 FPS at the most).

Why do the warnings appear? The scene has either already been added, or it has already been removed. Turn off the “TRUE Level Triggering (Pulse Mode)” button on your Always sensor, and it will disappear. If you are not using an Always sensor, then whatever sensor you are using to trigger the Scene actuator is firing more than once, and it does not need to. You only need to add or remove the scene once.

BTW, I don’t think they are exactly Python warnings. Those warnings are being thrown by the Logic Bricks (the Scene actuator).

Thanks, this dont remove the problem but, thanks to your information now I know what to do. I have a sensor that triggers python script, the sensor is collision with player.This collision is based on timer…I guess the time is more than I need to, and collides more than one time for this time-span.
Thanks again.