Python ? Where are you!

hiiiii and thank you in advace to anybody that can help

Python ? Where are you!

I just recently installed blender 2.42a in hopes of learning a little 3d graphics for game design. I seen all the great python scripts also available to make the design process easier, I immediately did some homework and installed python 2.5 from, I downloaded the window’s installer here >

I downloaded the whole 10 something megabyte file and installed it, I restarted my system and then I started up blender again and then No Python Found

Do I have to move some files to the blender directory or am I totally missing something simple

Plz someone help, I really want to learn blender and to be able use those great python scripts

Thank You! in Advance

I think al the most recent releases of Blender are compiled to work with Python 2.4, not 2.5. Thy installing the 2.4 version, it should solve your problem.

Thank You! PR

I never thought about that, I’m downloading it now!

Thanks Again!!!