Python with 2.5 Alpha 1?


I’ve tried numerous times to install python but Blender isn’t reading them (none if the export/import scripts are showing up). Can someone give me a detailed tutorial on how to install it? Or, since i already have it installed, how to get it working? Thanks.

P.S. Since the new Python isn’t backward compatible, how do you rewrite custom made scripts so that they do work? Like, i downloaded a script that only works with 2.0+, and i NEED it to work with Python 3.0+. How do you do this? THANKS SO MUCH!

Python is now bundled with blender, no need to install it separately, something else seems to be your problem.

So what import/export options should there be? I only have about 4 or 5 for each.

That’s correct, all the other scripts need to be updated for python 3. Remember 2.5 is still in early alpha development so you should not be expecting it to have full functionality. If you need the scripts you shouldn’t be using 2.5 but the stable 2.49b.


Is there a way to rewrite the scripts so that they are compatible? Does anyone know pythons new language?

Your best option is to wait. The chances of someone spending time to translate a script, right now, just for you, is very slim.
Which script is the one your looking for exactly?

It wouldn’t be just for me, it would be for many.

First one im looking for is the .KMZ (Google Earth) import.

And the .MODXML (model XML) export.

Can you try opening the .KMZ with 2.49, and exporting it as a .3ds. Then open it with 2.51 and save it as a .3ds again. Open it up with blender 2.49 again and then export it to .MODXML.

But if you don’t want to use any 2.51 features, just use 2.49.
As for many needing it: Yeah many people need it, but they don’t need it now, especially not from the 2.5 series.

Well thanks for your help.