Python woes, have read pythonpath 101.

After looking in the Sticky on Python install i need further help.

(btw. i know the i need 2.2 and not 2.3 python to get most scripts to work, but same issue with 2.2)

Python installed and work when ‘python’ is called.

import sys ; print sys.path shows this :

['', '/usr/lib/', '/usr/lib/', '/usr/lib/', '/usr/lib/', '/usr/lib/python2.3', '/usr/lib/python2.3/plat-linux2', '/usr/lib/python2.3/lib-tk', '/usr/lib/python2.3/lib-dynload', '/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages', '/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/gtk-2.0/lib/python2.3/lib-dynload']

So in put this into ‘/etc/profile’ :

 export PYTHONHOME=/usr/lib/

(it really says export PYTHON… not on seperate lines)

in a console the following gives an error:
bash# $PYTHONHOME (enter)
blablabla all the directories: No such file or directory

YAAARRR what am i doing wrong?
Removing the also didn’t do anything.

Slackware 9.1 if that makes any diff.

Thx in advance ! :smiley:

now thats a strange path…
/usr/lib/ are you sure your directory is named is this an extracted zip? if not… really try to extract it… or it is a slackware hack, I dont know :slight_smile:

removing the .zip to the path dosent make a difference im afraid - and theres no /usr/lib/ there

export PYTHONPATH /usr/lib/python2.2:/usr/lib/python2.2/plat-linux2:/usr/lib/python2.2/lib-tk:/usr/lib/python2.2/lib-dynload:/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages

Try change it to read the above instead. That is what I put in my .tchsrc file on slackware 9.0

I don’t know what the hell i did but now it works :smiley:

Yafray and yable runs on my comp once again, and once again i feel whole :wink: