Python/Yafray on a stick

is there anyway to get all of the files for python/yafray on a stick (including the registry keys which im not sure how to look for).

or if anyone already has all these files contained on a zip that would be great as well:D

if you are wondering why im installing everything on a stick:

  1. i can use this stuff on whatever computer i go to without having to install it
  2. id rather have it on the stick than cluttering up my work computer

I don’t think sticks work that way,not sure though.

well the program “Movable Python” is made to be installed python on a stick… only thing is it costs something like 5 euros and im feeling cheap lately due to everything else i have to pay for.

plus i already have blender on my stick so i was thinking there must be a way to do it…

I don’t know for sure but I think you could install python on the stick but you may have to tell blender where it is. If you wanted python for anything else I think you would have to set the system variable on the machine you were using and point it at the stick. I am just guessing I use windows also.

yea im using windows, but all i would be installing python for would be for blender i havent really gotten into learning much about it yet