Does blender only use pythons? just wondering.

Only python? Heh, what exactly do you want to use, and why?

Anyway, you can use python to communicate with other programs that could be written in a different language, however you can’t script with anything other than python within blender directly.

You can switch to OGRE (if you have the programming know how), and write everything in C++ (ogre also has wrappers for other languages). Also, there is always the option of modding blender itself (the sourcecode is open after all).

PS: If you are asking Blender Game Engine related python questions, you should ask them in the Game Engine forums, this place is more for Blender (modelling, animation, render) type of things afaik.

my brother is learning how to program but he doesn’t know python. So that’s why I was wondering

Python is used to write scripts for blender. However, no knowledge of python is required to use blender.

Blender is coded mainly in C. There are some parts that have been written in C++ (game engine for instance).

Python is versatile, easy language (some say one of the easiest languages available) that can be used to script functionality in Blender. Note that it is interpreted so no compiling is needed unlike in C or C++. There are many programs available that support Python. Of course it useful by itself as well as there is a good selection of libraries available.