Python ......

Hi guys.

Right, i know a bit about C++ and have been using PHP, Perl and .Net for a few years. I have never had to learn Python nor have i tried.

Im interested to know how easy the language is and what role does it play with Blender? Is it like VBA on Microsoft Office Products? Is it used to create sort of Macros rather programs within a program?

Its something i will definatly look into in the future, just need to know a bit more information.

Im at college at the moment doing software development, very basic but next year im at Uni, dont think we cover Python though although im 99.99% sure the concepts and fundementals are identical or very similar.

Thanks for any replys.

If you can do C++ you’ll be able to understand Python in under an hour, it’s quite an easy language to learn :smiley:
In Blender it can be used for lots of things; you can do simple macro-thingies, make GUI programs that run inside Blender or use it to do very complex logic in the game engine without using thousands of logic bricks. It’s definitely worth learning how to use it in Blender as it can be very helpful :yes:

Python’s a pretty nice OOP language. Its slow for some stuff, but not for most of it.

As for whats it for in blender, you can pretty much do anything you want from a simple little macro up to full programs in a program (makehuman, which has since split off to a standalone, used to be a really good example of “program” in program).

I learned Python first and then learned C++, and I have to say that your C/C++ will get a whole lot better from Python since it forces style, you learn better practices for iteration, and you learn to put a whole lot more finesse in your programs.