what is python? please dont make fun of me.

A programming language used by Blender Game Engine and by Blender and by NASA and by a trillion million programmers. If you want to make a game such as an FPS in the BGE, you’ll have to learn it. Didn’t you check out the links I sent to you?

yea but i couldn’t find one that said what it was thx again!

your duck hunt3d game is lloking good is it done yet?pm plz with answer

No, as I said I have a problem with duck AI… This thread should be moved to off-topic.
It’s almost done.Just that no one has replied my question.

well do you no how to make it where you dont go through the plain.Cause i’m having that problem right now

?? I don’t understand what you’re saying. Which problem are you talking about? Use grammar that I can understand.

Do you know how to make where i dont go through the plain in game mode?Like when i move foward.(srry english not my first language itallian is my first languages.