I’ve got a couple of questions about python.

  1. Do basic functions like writing “Hello World” or something work in Blender? and
  2. What is the best way to learn python?

There are many great websites out there here are some links
Definitely start with this one first it was really helpful to me
this one is not related to the GameEngine but helps you learn things like Hello World variables lists…'s_Tutorial_for_Python/Contents
this one is once you get into the game engine it has a lot of different commands
very useful
there are many more advanced ones but these are good to start with
have fun
btw if you want to learn non blender python you should get a python compiler from

Aww Sweet. I’ll check those out later. (Math final tomorrow)

i actually used the tutorial above and i must say it is pretty good

Thank you.

“which is really an awesome very detailed one”

“made for very new users”
=rar files “various self-explaining files”

“good tut”

“read it after those above , it is not too obvious but yet benifiting”

try to search for some posts “not threads only” for an old members called
Monster , Fireside

in google search for

qouting my self , lol

Ok cool thanks. Il try thos when I get home. It’s lunch at school right now.