hey iv been learning python and i need to know is it good to know how to progeram in python before bge python thanks for your time


Python is very useful more making games in the BGE, especially more complicated ones. It is, however, very possible to create well-made and complete games using logic bricks alone, which require no real programming knowledge.

Yes, you do need to know python to be able to program BGE python, but you can learn both at the same time.

well i meant like should i lean just python first or should i learn bge python

Well, when people say “BGE Python”, they’re not referring to a whole other “python-like” language that is used only in the BGE; they’re talking about an API.

Python in the BGE works the same as Python in general.

That said, you should definitely know the basics of Python (syntax, control flow, common data structures), before you start doing anything in the BGE.

If you just start off with no prior knowledge, the API will just confuse you further.

I suggest going over one of the many fine python tutorials on the net (google “dive into python”), and don’t wait to learn about the fundamentals of OOP, and objects -> Even though OOP is somewhat broken in the BGE, your understanding of objects will be a great help (check out this very quick, but very good introduction to the OOP paradigm:

Good Luck.

hey thanks man