Hey sorry to ask, but I just reinstalled blender on a new hdd by copying the roaming and program files from the old hard drive, Is it ok to install it this way? Would I be missing anything? Do I need to install python? because on the old hdd I had python 2.7.6 installed.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Blender ships with its own local python install, so wherever you copy it you should be fine.

could be ok. It depends on, if you have installed Blender(.exe or something) or just unzipped and run it, which I recommend.

you need to tell your os.

On Linux python is preinstalled.
But I think Blender is bundled with Python.

Thank you so much :smiley:

Blender by default uses the Python that it comes with. If you have another version of Python you actually have to delete the Python in Blender folders to use the existing one.

So python is inside the blender folder? So I can just copy blender from an old hdd without installing it?