python2.5.2 and blender 2.48a not compatible!?

Hi, I posted a question regarding this a while ago but I still can’t get it to work…
I have blender 2.48a and just downloaded python 2.5.2. I installed python to C:\Python25.
When I run blender it still says "No installed Python found…Some scripts may not run."Etc.
I think I have the PYTHONHOME variable set right,(C:\Python25) but I could be wrong. Is there a compatibility issue with 2.48? It says it was compiled in 2.5.2!
Please help! I need to use yafray! (it requires python doesn’t it?)

I just found that when i start blender from scratch it says no python found, but when I load a saved .blend file it says, “Got it!”
What gives? I want it to start when run from scratch. and yafray still doesn’t work.

yafray - most probably i wont be there in the next release of blender 2.5

so i would suggest you go with yafaray instead at least your models will be compatible in the futur

Happy blendering

sorry? I should use yafaray instead of yafray? I thought they were the same thing, just two different spellings. And are you saying blender 2.48a is not compatible with yaf(a)ray? what about 2.46?
thanks for reply.

development of yafray was stopped a while back. since it was opensource licensed someone decided to restart development and upgrades and chose the name yafaray since they dont own the original project name. yafray is the old developers work and yafafra is the new developers work building on the original project to incorperate advances since the yafray development was stopped. but once you get used to exporting for external renderer you will be able to use luxrender, indigo, or any of the other renderes which have their variouse strenghts and weaknesses so if one is stronger for the type of result you are trying to achieve you can use that one.

do all of those have caustics/photons?
and does 2.48a support yafaray?

Currently, only through scripts. There’s an interface where you redefine materials and lights, set parameters and render.

how do I get those?

Look at for the exporter script to yafaray and a FAQ, an Installation Guide and much more…

The same goes for every other rendering engine - on their specific websites you’ll find all you need to know how to get it to work with Blender. And all you need to know to decide which one works for you, they’re all very different…

okay I got it to work. now i have to figure out how to work this thing!
Thanks everyone.