Python2.5, Blender 2.48 & Yaf(a)ray?

Here is the mystery: I have installed Blender 2.48 for python 2.5 from main site, installed Yaf(a)ray 1.0, pointed yfexport in Blender to my python folder. I cannot find either the render menu choice or anything in the scripts menu. I even installed Yaf(a)ray to my python 2.5 folder.
2: For my second question where do I find the scripts for Blender in Mac.

My computer is iMac C2D Mac OS X 10.5.5

The directory for Blender scripts is hidden under OS X. You can access it by the Terminal, or by using an application like Onyx.
But for your problem with Yaf(a)ray, it comes from something else, apparently, the different versions of Python (2.5 and 2.3) between Blender and Yaf(a)ray. Check out this thread.

@Bupla: There are two versions for Mac on Blenders website. The first one is 2.3 and below that is for 2.5 I downloaded the second one which should work. Thanks for location info on through Terminal or Onyx I will look tonight when I get on my Mac.

Thanks I haven’t seen the 2 versions, I will try the other one for Yafaray.

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