Pythonless Homing missile

3 vision cones + 1 rigid body, + 1 lamp + 1 fake alpha + 1 dynamic motion control :slight_smile:


I Guess google hangouts is a lil laggy :frowning:

Thats cool, would you share?

i used to make homing misiles with a few radar sensors that trigered rotation controllers, but it was WAY laggy(more than 5 of them lagged the crap out), then i began to use python and made it with a near sensor conected to a trackto actuator, via a python controller, it is more easy, less messy, and i can have as much as i want without lagging(except for the near sensor that lags a lot)
oh and previusly i made them with invisible cones, but its not good, because i found conflicts when using mouse over sensors

I will do better then share, I will teach you how to make it
Cone Center (#1 Collision with property -Target)-----and---------message Missile “Fire”
Cone Right (#2 collision with property -Target)------and ---------message missile “Right”
Cone LEft (#2 collision with property -Target)------and ---------message missile “Left”
This is the engine trigger and steering system, it steers in 3d because it is spinning :slight_smile:

So in the missile we have

Delay--------Property---------On = 1
message-Subject-Fire ----------Armed = 1
if On=1 -------and-----------Apply Force Jet
if armed =1—/

(if on =1 and armed =1) while -if message = right ----------------and Apply Torque local <0,0,.5>
(if on =1 and armed =1) while -if message = Left ----------------and Apply Torque local <0,0,-.5>

So, there is the delay, the missile arming, and the steering, if you need help with the jet of flames, or the setup just let me know :slight_smile:

Thx, what help do you need with youre game project?

Well, I need components modeled, that are 2 blender units by 2 by 2
Components I need, a power cell that looks nice in the BGE, a Light, a antenna, a mirror, a Motor and I have a list around here somewhere… Google drive,
I need texturing,
I Also need people to rough out level ideas,
Do you have a project currently?

I can give you access to my google drive, but I am getting to my max number of shares, but If your serious I will add you to the team,

Right now the game is going to be for credit etc to get us good jobs, or funding,
I hope to have it hosted by a [email protected] meltingMindz, as well as add google ad’s on the loading screens,
I am going to do rough justice with the % of money shared on this project, so more contribution and time, the produces usable models/codes etc = more % of profit

Next game I hope to have the studio have enough cash to pay us during development,
what are your strong suits?

I could do modeling and animation. I could model this components, but will need some refs.

Well, I was going for 1950’s future tech mixed with real tech,
I will shoot you an example of a Component,
these will add up to weapons, enemies and vehicles :slight_smile:

OK, but lets switch to private pms now. :slight_smile: