PythonPath, IDLE and blender 2.2

(SHABA1) #1

I have python 2.10 and IDLE set up on my computer in a directory in the root C:. I am running Windows98 SE on one machine and WindowsME on the one at my home. I was wondering what is the best way to set up the pythonpath so the when I am going thru a python tutorial and typing things in from IDLE that it will call blender and test out the example that I am typing in. I would rather use IDLE then the Blender text editor because it provides better error checking and other hand holding function for a beginner like me.

(theeth) #2

you cannot use the blender api in IDLE, you can only use it directly in Blender.


(SHABA1) #3

I thought someone was going to say that :frowning:

(Schlops) #4

You can use an external editor to edit your python-code for blender. After you loaded the script for the first time in the text window (Shift-F11) with Shift-Alt-F, you can do a CTRL-R to reload the script if you changed it in a text-editor. That way you get syn-hiliting, auto-indent,… thru the text-editor (e.g. Ultra-Edit)

BTW: theeth he meant you: