pyzzle myst interface engine version 0.7.5 is here.

(the_j) #1

The next version of my open source Myst/Riven interface engine is,Fresh in. Please download:

self installing exe:
Linux, OSX:
make sure you read the relevant instructions and have the all dependencies installed if running from source.

Pyzzle is still using the 100% blender built environment, kindly donated to the project by the blender rock star that is malefico.

If running from source:
Run the file to see the Orbius Tertius Demo game. DO NOT RUN nothing will happen.

I decided to base the 0.x.x numbers more on how close pyzzle is to 1.0 rather then just incrementing them.


  • Riven like slide transitions. Choose from None, best, fastest and normal. Look in the options sub-menu.

  • New API. As in Pyzzle now has an API. You now import pyzzle directly into your own file.

  • Directory restructure.

  • Large code clean and restructure.

  • and the usual bug fixes.


  • Sound seems to behave strangely initially under windows, but then calms down . If you are using windows and have sound issues please report them. Im going to completely rewrite and extend pyzzles sound for the next release.

  • Ambient volume control is currently not working. Also due for a rewrite

  • Loading and saving functions are also not working. Just because im sick of rewriting them every time i make an update. So they will be out until the end.

Thanks and enjoy