PzkPfw V "Panther"

Well here’s another neverending story :slight_smile:


its prett cool u gota do the wire thing round the tire’s ps yay first post :smiley:


workin on :slight_smile:

its getting better dude but the wire thing round the tires aint there

I like it so far…

Looks like it is very close to the original “Panzer” tank… I know it, cause I myself, am working on the “Tiger” model and I did a lot of research on WW II German tanks…

I’m going to keep an eye on this, because actually I’m interested to see your approach of the tank tracks…

Keep the good work up…

C y’a later…

well - I’m a fan of the Steel Panthers World at War game :slight_smile: I want to keep this model as close to the original construction as possible. Unfortunately there is not much info about this tank around the net. I’m talking about technical details like construction of the chasis.

Grimreaper “wire around the tires” is called tank tracks and I’ll model it after I’ll finish the hull :slight_smile:

yeah thats the word it was on the tip of my tung :smiley: keep em coming dude

Yeah I had similar problems with my tank… Actually the only good place I found that worths visiting, with some good technical information and reference material, was onwar.com… You won’t believe it but I found some good reference pictures for the track treads from a site that was giving miniature modelling instructions… :o I guess if the information you seek exists, it’s gonna be a tough thing to “dig it out”…

Good luck with your “Monster”… :smiley:

I’ll keep an eye on your thread for updates… :wink:

Here’s something that will definetly help you!
And the main site:

Btw, it looks very similar to the pics!


It’s a heaven indeed :slight_smile: BIG THANKS MAN!! [!]


Slowly but constantly forward :slight_smile: Thanks again for the reference :slight_smile:


not much of a progress…

very nice, everything is looking good, needs more detail on the front.