PZL P.1 - polish fighter plane from 1929

Hi mates!
Probably some of you heard about polish P.11c fighter from september 1939. But the first one in the family of “gull winged” fighters constructed by Z. Pulawski was PZL P.1 flied for the first time in 1929. I was very young when for the first time I was trying to build model of this one in 1:48 scale from paper. I still have few photographs of it. Now in my free time step by step I build better version in Blender. So here it is PZL P.1 (in early stage of works) - hard school of polymodelling for me.




Could be colored… i like it though

Nice model, you should definatly texture it and put it in a scene, will look great.

hey really good modeling there,

ive been looking around the pics and cant see any deformations in the mesh, how ever i cant comment on any of the details as the only refs i could find were from this website

the pics are a little hard to see.

would it be possible to post 1 or more refrence photos and also a screenshot of the wires?

keep up the good work man :slight_smile:

Hi mates!

Thanks for comments. Of course plane will be coloured, now it is in only a WIP :eyebrowlift:. There is not much info of this one on net. The best source is a book by Andrzej Glass “PZL. P.7” publisched by Aj-Press ia Aircraft Monography series (I’am not sure if also in english). I post one photo from this book (own of Mr. Glass, hope he will not kill me :eek:). Airplane was white with red front part and arrow on wings. Also some screenshoots of wires are here…






Wire is far from optimal, but I decided to form shape with individual panels, so for keep smoothness of surfaces I was forced to build shepes from more polys then normally. Also some triangles are here and there - they’ll be removed partialy, but in some areas only triangles was able to preserve good shape of surface.

Real realms of polys are areas with corrugated metal cover. I decided to model this part - not simulate by bump mapping. In result one wing has more polys then whole plane!

Huh, cool. I like that. It’ll hold up well to texturing, it looks like. Nice modeling all around.

Nicely done and extremely detailled model… Doesn’t see much things like that in the forum :slight_smile:

Hi mates!

I just finished with wings, and will join all pieces together…




Wow, this bird has some elegant lines and your model captures them very well. I admire your attention to detail, your must have a lot of references… Some questions, out of curiosity:

  • Why did you decide agains bumpmapping the corrugated metal surface? Looks great like it is, but seems to be a huge task to model in polys.
  • Same question about the split panels, isn’t it quite cumbersome to adjust the shape while keeping the seams intact?I really have a weak spot for those interwar-aera planes - just beautiful! Looking forward to updates.

Wow, that’s beautiful. Nothing I can say. Fantastic work.

Bartleby: I think it’d be necessary if he wanted any closeups.


I reserved bump mapping for rivets and, hmm… bumps on metal skin :slight_smile: Airplanes of this era was not so smooth as present planes so I need some extra noise. If I would try to get this result and corrugated metal effect simultaneusly from the same bump map it would not look good. And close up would be unavailable. But of course numbers of polys dramaticly raised…

Keeping curvature neighboured panels If you decided to model them seperately is of course very cumbersome, but I think that effect of natural panel lines if worth this work.

Very nice…excellent modeling…keep it up

Hi mates!

Modelling phase is finished. Only propeler’s blades and cockpit interior are not ready yet, but I’am starting with UV mapping and preparing bump maps.



I love nostalgic machines, so much classier than most of their modern counterparts. Great stuff and like everyone else, looking forward to the textured version… :slight_smile:


Wow that looks great! The detail you put in the wings is stunning. What shader settings did you use? And did you use subsurf? Keep up the good work:) Write a tutorial sometime:D

Thanks for the info, mrys!
You make very quick progress - I’d really like to take a look at the UV-layout when it’s done. Great model & a pleasure to watch it growing…


UV mapping phase started. Aft part of fuselage is “mapped” and bumped for 90%.



Holy crap. Wow.

thats real good man.

Wish I was good enough to give you some really useful advice. I think this model will be finished years before I have that level of experience. Great!