Q : 1 Big tex , or some small texs

i was wondering , what takes more size in the memory

one 10241024 image as a texture
four 512
512 images as textures

applied on the same object if it makes a difference .

thanks .

The fewer UV maps the better, If you have 4 images you have 4 separate UV mapping data.
It also causes lag to load and unload multiple textures.

Right now we have a python script called “consolidate textures”,
It will take the multiple images, and paint them onto 1 large texture, it will also change teh UV maps to the large texture automatically .

What I am doing is 1 texture per charictor, 1 texture per map/world, and 1 texture for all the special effects.

Lots of main stream games do this, but even more than I am, Battlefield 1942 will take all the textures for the entire game, and map it to one HUGE texture.
THe older quake and halflife based games used a method called WAD files… it is the same thing, everything gets mapped to 1 large texture.
Quake 3 will do it dynamically so that the server can add custom content.

anyway, the fewer textures the better, loading and unloading multiple textures will effect your frame rate.

hey i was looking for a python like that do you know the link where it is located

In blender open up the scripts window, select scripts>image>consolidate images into one image…

Be sure to save your texture afterwards… also, do it on a copy of your file the first couple of times. I have lost all my UV mapping once by not saving the image after running the script.