Q about 2.5 : extruding and axis constraints

Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying the builds of 2.5 from graphicall and they’re great. I have one question about modeling, particularly with extruding faces.

In 2.49 if I extrude a face in a mesh it defaults to moving along the normal from the faces orginal position, if I press x, y or z once it moves along world xyz axis, if I press x, y or z again it moves along local x, y or z axis (this is all good).

Doesn’t seem to be happening in 2.5 for me, is it just one of the little things they haven’t finished off yet, or am remembering it wrong, or has it changed?

also, the emulate 3 button mouse setting doesn’t seem to work yet either, that is, being able to alt-left click to orbit… just saying…