Q about lihgting!(Beam of light in air)?

I Was wondering if anyone could explain me how are the beams of light created in air.
Searched blender documentation for that, but couldn´t find it.

Also, could someone post some Caustics tutorial links.

Thanks in Advance

Use a Spot type lamp with Halo turned on.


Allmost what im looking for, but who can i make it so that meshes effect the light beam, so that when i place a mesh in front of the lamp, light beam woulndt pass through it.

just increase “Halo step” to 12 will make some like this… and then just play with the other settings…:wink:


This is only an option for buffer shadows. You can find the info in the downloadable docs on this page:


The docs are getting kind of old but much of the info is still relevant. You can download them here: