Q about UV mapping

first of all let me say that i’m very much a newbie at this- i’m a programmer, not an artist, so excuse my crapness!

i’m trying to texture an icosphere and i’m having a few troubles. i’m making it for use in the ogre graphics engine (for a game) and hence i’m using the ogre xml exporter.

the problem is that this exporter only exports uv coordinates, not textures that have been applied with, for example “Orco” and “Sphere” mapping, which i tried to do.

so when blender does the texturing for you with one of these methods, what does it do internally if it doesn’t map that to UV coordinates? whatever it does, is it possible to make it “convert” that to UV coordinates so i can export properly?

now i have a feeling that this is not possible and i just need to do UV mapping. but i have no idea how to do uv mapping for something as complex as a sphere. the tutorials that i’ve seen are for more basic shapes like cubes and the like. it sounds like its impossibly difficult…

thanks for reading my post!

yes, there’s a script in the scripts menu by jms called Texture Baker that does exactly what you’re looking for. the built in one shifts the coords slightly, but there’s a brand new one that doesn’t shift the coords. it can be found in the python and plugins forum.
<edit> i think it’s actually called ‘tex2uvbaker’