Q :- action Actuator and three actions at the same time <how?>

i have a character , there is an animation of IDLE featuring him breathing that plays all the time ALWAYS sensor, and another one of walking and third one of aiming , and fourth one of shaking hand of shooting

i have noticed that blender can’t play 3 at the same time <walk , aim , breath> :frowning:
the question says :-
how can i play the 3 of them at the same time , is it <priority > in the action actuator or what ?

thanks :slight_smile:

no one is going to notice breathing during any other animation. but i’ve wondered about this too. Here’s hoping someone knows.

two at the same time works :slight_smile: , but three no :frowning:

Since the player is always breathing, combine that ipo with the others when you need them.

ipos: Breathing walking, breathing walking aiming, breathing aiming (no walking), breathing walking shooting, breathing shooting (no walking).

isn’t there any solvant for that ? :frowning: .

When they are moving you can not tell if they are breathing or not.If you really need it… copy the animation frames from the breathing action, and paste them into your walk and run cycles and snap some keys.

The features you need are called Bone Blending, and I do not think the BGE supports that feature.( it may with python script)
I do know that Crystal space does though, it makes it very easy to make quake 3 like player models, but they are all 1 continuous mesh…You can blend the torso, and the legs and the head together in any combination.
Another feature CS has is the ability to parent an object to either a vertex or a armature bone… this is great for weapon pickups.It also uses Colllada library for the armatures and meshes if you want… so you can assign ragdoll physics to the armature bones ,and the rotation/location restraints.

thanks , and thanks for the info about CS , < even if it is off-topic > , … i will try and tell you what will happen , and hey , how can it be solved with python ¿

thanks again .

Perhaps you need to set the priority of which actions play first.

Thats cool about CS Is it hard to learn? I cant rmember. I think the last time I looked at it was over a year ago, maybe longer. LOL.

It sounds like it would answer all of 3d requests, the ragdoll and all, maybe even pixel pushing?

Have you tried the old INVerse of the walk keyboard sensor? That usually works…unless I don’t understand your purpose…

maybe there is no solution but combine the breath and the other animations .
Mmph! , are you certain that it is possible with python ?

LOL, no he is not certain, he said:

The features you need are called Bone Blending, and I do not think the BGE supports that feature.( it may with python script)

( it may with python script)
Mmph! , do you mean that it is possible with python ?

sorry if i don’t understand too well .
thanks guys

this thread is for discussion positivly :slight_smile: .